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Women's Ministry


Our Ladies’ Bible Study meets on the third Saturday morning of each month, at 9:30 A.M., in the home of one of the women. All women are invited to join the monthly fellowship and study of God's Word for the purpose of living for, and loving, God. Please contact the CBC secretary, Joyce Pike for directions.


Annual Ladies TeaEvery year, the women of CBC host a "Ladies Tea." The ladies tea is a special time of fellowship with women of all ages in our church. Additionally, a lot of planning and effort is put into the preparation of the ladies tea which serves to strengthen the unity of Christian women as they learn to work together, pray together, and affirm one another. The tea usually includes a brunch and a special devotional by a guest speaker. During the annual ladies tea, the women reveal their secret sisters and select new ones for the upcoming year. The ladies tea also features a special opportunity for the men as the men of the church usually provide childcare! The Ladies Tea for 2012 has already been held so the next opportunity is going to be Summer of 2013.






The Secret Sister program is an outreach ministry for women in our church fellowship. All of the ladies of our church are invited to participate. If you participate you will draw a name and that woman becomes your Secret Sister for a year. You become her silent prayer partner and her secret up-lifter. She doesn’t know who you are. Likewise someone will be caring for you in that way too. Secret Sisters are about encouraging, praying for, and supporting each other in small ways.