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Staff 1 DAN PHILLIPS, Pastor
The Lord saved Dan in 1973, when he was deeply involved in a cult (read Dan’s testimony here). Dan began training for pastoral ministry not long after conversion which, after taking him through various training institutes, culminated in 1983 with a Master of Divinity from Talbot Theological Seminary. After that, he taught at Talbot and other Bible institutes and colleges, and has pastored at various times from 1984 on.   Dan married Valerie Phillips in March of 1989.  They have four children: Rachael, Matthew, Josiah and Jonathan.

Dan's ministry at CBC marks his return to full-time pastoral work after a hiatus working in the IT world. Dan appreciates the insight that this has given into the lives and schedules led by most of those he serves. In the interim, Dan developed an online blogging ministry including the popular Pyromaniacs blog. In 2011 two of Dan's books were published: The World-Tilting Gospel and God's Wisdom in Proverbs.  Dan was installed as pastor on March 18, 2012. >> EMAIL DAN <<
Simon has been faithfully attending CBC since 2001. Simon married Guadalupe Garcia in 1997. They have three daughters, Brianna, Hannah, and Angy.  The Gospel of John is Simon's favorite book of the Bible. When witnessing, he turns to John 14:1-14 as his primary text of explaining who Jesus is.

Simon currently serves in two major functions at CBC. First, he oversees the maintenance of the grounds. God has graciously provided nearly three acres for our church; however, that is a lot of grass to cut! Simon has others who assist him in this area of ministry, but he can sometimes be found on Saturdays taking care of everything by himself!

Simon also keeps the church sign up-to-date. CBC is located on a very busy road, and there are thousands of cars that pass by everyday. By keeping the church sign current, people know what is going on at CBC.

Jim has been attending Copperfield Bible Church since 2007 and became a deacon in 2014. Jim and Linda were married in 1969 and have two children and six grandchildren. They are both native Houstonians. Jim enjoys spending time with family. helping Linda with yard work, and daily walks.

Jim is responsible for scheduling a yearly list of men who will serve offertory and communion on Sunday's. He currently teaches children's Sunday School for grades 3-6, assists with contacting and making appointments with contractors and meeting them at church for bids on repairs and/or maintenance for the campus buildings. Jim and Linda assist in helping with maintaining the baptistery for baptisms.

Two of Jim's favorite Bible verses are Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalm 119:105.





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