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1BIBLE STUDIES: Naturally, as a Bible Church, we love to study the Bible! On Sundays before the service, we offer Sunday School classes for all ages.
1CHILDREN'S MINISTRY: Copperfield Bible Church delights in the nurturing of future generations and of course, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to these precious little ones. Discover the wide variety of ministries devoted to children, from infants through sixth grade.
1MEN'S MINISTRY: Our Men's Ministry is designed to help men live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ through Bible study, discipleship, prayer, accountability, and fellowship. All men are invited!
1YOUTH MINISTRY: All believers are called to serve, not just adults. Our Youth ministry seeks to support parents in teaching our young adults about their need for Christ and to equip them to live for him. We also understand the social needs of youth, and seek to minister to them with an approach focused on evangelism and edification versus entertainment.
1WOMEN'S MINISTRY: Women are a vital part of our church, and we strive to reach women of all ages through Bible Studies, fellowship, and other activies. Explore the opportunies to mature in the faith and grow as a woman of God.
1MISSIONS & LOCAL OUTREACH: We strive to follow Jesus' command to "go make disciples of all nations" including through financial support of international missionaries and local outreach to our own diverse community right here in North Houston. Learn more about our many efforts to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.