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Copperfield“Copperfield” is a community located in the Cy-Fair area of Northwest Houston. Our church bears this name because it is where God has chosen to assemble this independent, evangelical, Bible believing body of believers who have a common love for Jesus Christ.

“Bible” describes the sole source for our faith and practice. Only through the teaching and application of the Bible will men and women come to faith and maturity in Jesus Christ. Our congregation is a diverse group of Berean-spirited believers striving to mature in the faith.

While “Copperfield” and “Bible” were our choice in describing who we are, “Church” is God’s designation for an assembly of people called by his name. As a church we strive to exalt Jesus Christ in all that we do.

Welcome to Copperfield Bible Church!

Sunday 10:45AM
Join us in the Main Chapel or if you cannot attend in person, you can join us via livestream on Sermon Audio.

From first to last minute, dedicated to glorifying and knowing and enjoying God by hearing, learning, and rejoicing in His Word and truth.